Hello. It is said that grammar is the heart of a language but, I wonder, why the members of this site seem don't like grammar. I notice that they are really eager to give comments when the discussion topics are about social phenomena but it doesn't happen when the topics are about grammar. No one likes to give comment. Even if they do, it's not more than one person or two persons. I even decided to delete my grammar discussion after a long time I hadn't got any comment there. So, please give me your opinion and reason, guys, why you are doing this. Don't you care about the expression I stated in the beginning? Thanks.

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    • I agree with deuce , that every one should love with grammar , due to grammar is back bone of every language .

      • I love grammar, too. :)

  • I agree with you Chandra, grammar is the backbone and the heart of the language...How can we build a meaningful sentence without a correct grammar ? I teach Grammar thoroughly every year to my students and I always like to comment and add discussions about that ,and we add some in many groups :My EC ESSIENTIAL WORDS , and many other groups too..

    I will try to find more time to reply the discussions here too

    Thank you

    • Thank you for leaving the comment, Hala. I hope you will help me if one day I have a question. I will really appreciate it. See you and have a nice time.

  • 2384667650?profile=originalWell, there's a lot that can be said about this! First, it's not true that all EC members dislike grammar. Some do, some don't. MyEC members have posted a fair number of videos about grammar. And the largest content section on EC is the Grammar Section, which also EASILY gets the most traffic. Then there's a pretty active forum for Grammar Help, as well as one for Help Each Other With English (mostly grammar). But we have to recognize that different people have different learning styles. You probably learned to speak your own language without learning grammar, at least initially. So we don't have to learn with grammar. There are other ways. I personally like grammar and see it is a friend or signpost for people. But I also recognize that it's not everyone's cup of tea :)

    • Hello. I never thought that I would get a comment from you. You are the founder of this site, aren't you? Thank you so much. It seemed that I was wrong posting a discussion about grammar. I mean, I should have posted my question in either Grammar Help or Help each Other with English. I took the wrong path. Thank you for your information.

      • No, u r not wrong at all to post this question here. It's an interesting question and discussion. This is the right place to post! Thank you for starting a good debate.
        • Thank you. But I meant my previous question, one which got no comment and I have deleted. :)

  • Hello chandra ,

    I think that you never should nervous and don't care if no body did not comment on your grammar para

    because they are not learning here grammar they are chattering here , but we can't say that all peoples are same , you have to find out who are serious and who are not.  Chandra , if you in real want to discuss about english grammar  then I am ready if you are ready.


    subhash jain

    • Thank you, Subhash. I'd like to discuss about grammar with you. Sometime a question comes to my mind. Thanks for your readiness. :)

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