why doctors are called the white army?


No two individuals will disagree on the sacrificing role that is done by the doctors and the nurses as well. I guess for the year twenty-twenty they will be the ideal ones. They are the ones who are defending us. Some of them got the infection of the Coronavirus and were hospitalized. They have suffered a great deal. Why are doctors and nurses called the white army?

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  • Vanakam Kanimozhi! They are indeed, my respected lady. They are sacrificing themselves and their families, and their time to defend us. From here, let's give them a special greeting and appreciation for that courageous performance. Thanks, Kany for your nice comment on the white army. 

  • If you say army they are defending our country for us same like doctors they are defending for us to avoid the spread virus on the earth even some of doctors got infected and died too so they are really deserve to a white army

    • Vanakam Kanimozhi! It is true that those people are doing their best to defend us. they are battling that deadly virus. sacrificing and some of them went to the other work because of this. Brave doctors and nurses and those who assist them. Please, Kani, let's greet and salute them from here. Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • Cos of   their white azz-hair .

    • Hmmmm.....azz is white or hair is white, difficult to make out from given context. :-)

      • Jeenki Rysperski! Could you ask Adriano about it? Thanks for your comment.  

    • Sei sikuroo, Adriano Martelli? No other reasons! Thanks, Adriano for your comment.

  • Hondai Keshala! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

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