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Why do we wear glasses?


The idea came to me while watching Alan Nicole’s video. He was telling us about that city. He tried to put on his glasses. The process took some moments before he finally put them on.

High-rank officers, special investigators, detectives wear glasses most of the time. In addition, people who work in secret or security sections of the government. Some of us wear them to give them more prestige or to make them handsome. The hot sun can be a cause.


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  • Yes, bright sunlight can be a cause of wearing glasses (sunglasses), but they can be dangerous if they don't block ultra-violet light when they claim that they do (ie fakes). That's because the dark lenses cause the iris of the eye to OPEN more to let in MORE light - so you actually get MORE of the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays right inside your eye. If buying sunglasses, please don't buy cheap fakes. Better no sunglasses than bad sunglasses.

    • Ladies and gentlemen of My EC, did you hear that? The boss said something which was far beyond my reach. The information is quite new to me. Only a man of specialty knows about it. According to my understanding, I thought that cheap glasses can shade the rays of the sun from my eyes. Now, I will take that advice from Mr. Essberger seriously and stop buying those fake glasses. Thanks, Josef for that valuable tip. 

      • Yes. it's useful information.

        • Arigato Tam! The comments of our boss are succinct and to the point. Thanks, Tam. 

  • Maybe because without glasses all the people around seem to be perfect and we can't see their real nature? Well...rhetorical question....I guess the question is not about the ones who can't see?

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    • Spasibo O. M. Glasses can hide the eyes. The eyes express what a person means. One glance of an eye can mean something without the uttering of the mouth. At least for those who know you, they will not know if you are happy or unhappy, smiling or making a face. Thanks for your expressive photo on the topic, glasses. 

  • My friend Dara !.. inaspettato  !....Grazie .

    • Scusa e grazie Adriano Martelli. Please, excuse my poor Italian language. As a matter of fact, it is zero. I hope to get more sentences from you to reach the beginner's level. I really want to learn the Italian language. I used to like the Italian actors like Guiliano Gemma, Franco Nero, Marilu Tolo, Giancarlo Giannini, and Luca Zingareti. Thanks again for correcting me.

  • Lol, Dara, please do not bring pre-school  education topics to want a comment....!...If some one says I do wear glasses to peep the legs of the girls, What would you anser ?....

    • Inaspetato Adriano Martelli! Security people wear them for security reasons especially in airports to watch people who carry illegal drugs, explosives, or weapons. Those glasses permit them to see the whole parts of the human body including the genitals. I think they are not sold to everyone. Thanks, Adriano for your comment. 

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