Why do we wear glasses?


The idea came to me while watching Alan Nicole’s video. He was telling us about that city. He tried to put on his glasses. The process took some moments before he finally put them on.

High-rank officers, special investigators, detectives wear glasses most of the time. In addition, people who work in secret or security sections of the government. Some of us wear them to give them more prestige or to make them handsome. The hot sun can be a cause.


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  • My friend Dara !.. inaspettato  !....Grazie .

    • Scusa e grazie Adriano Martelli. Please, excuse my poor Italian language. As a matter of fact, it is zero. I hope to get more sentences from you to reach the beginner's level. I really want to learn the Italian language. I used to like the Italian actors like Guiliano Gemma, Franco Nero, Marilu Tolo, Giancarlo Giannini, and Luca Zingareti. Thanks again for correcting me.

  • Lol, Dara, please do not bring pre-school  education topics to want a comment....!...If some one says I do wear glasses to peep the legs of the girls, What would you anser ?....

    • Inaspetato Adriano Martelli! Security people wear them for security reasons especially in airports to watch people who carry illegal drugs, explosives, or weapons. Those glasses permit them to see the whole parts of the human body including the genitals. I think they are not sold to everyone. Thanks, Adriano for your comment. 

  •  Secret service men wear glasses to hide where they are looking, because most of the time they are at the job of survelayance or escorting some dignatories so their eyes move in all direction frequently.  It they do not wear glasses it will look weired or most probably someone suspicious there would get alert.  So wearing glasses is also to detect the suspicious person without letting him aware.

    I have been wearing eye glasses for very long, my glasses are bi-focal, I need to look clear far and near both.  Now without glasses I can't read, thought for far looking I can manage without glasses but it strains my eyes and head both.  So glasses are now my part and parcel.  I only get them off beforing going to sleep.  Sometimes, I fall asleem wearing them and many times I found them broken when awoke.

    • Lekin qu Mishaikh sahib? It is better to take them off before dosing or going to sleep. Some glasses are expensive. We should take care of them. I remember buying my glasses for two hundred and fifty dollars. Of course, the amount is not that much but for me at least. 

      The work of those detectives or secret services people depend on wearing glasses, as you mentioned. They want to notice the suspect without his knowledge. By the way, please, take care of your glasses. We are humans. We forget and make mistakes. Don't forget to extend my greetings to your respected family and friends. Thanks for your comment on glasses.

  • Hi, Dara. As for detectives, they often must disguise themselves in sunglasses to conceal their identity. As for me, it's just because my eyes are short sight.

    • Arigato Tam! Megane ga ee. Yes, I noticed that detectives use them a great deal. In my opinion, they create a dreaded situation for the suspect or the criminal they are after. Your are eyes are short sight, but your brain is great. Thanks for your nice short comment on glasses.

  • You're right Dara. The sunglasses are also useful for hiding the wrinkles around my eyes. Recently I've been finding I have to move further away from the page to read what's in front of me. I blame the smartphone, but probably it's time to get a pair of reading glasses.

    • Good morning Alan, you know, I am approaching sixty with fast speed yet, I am trying to hide my old age. I noticed that you are talking about your wrinkles normally.  That is what I call a real gentleman like my friend, Alan. I use glasses myself for reading especially small typewritten words. 

      By the way, I have noticed that both sunglasses and medical ones can be in one.  I mean you can wear them to lessen the heat of the sun and at the same time for reading purposes. Thanks, Alan for your frank and nice comment. 

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