Whenever I read profiles of members, I ask myself these questions many times1) How do we come to know our English level?2) Why do we set it on our profile?I will let you know later on how I got to know my English level.I know we all have done it on EC. So, share your experience of setting your profileThank in advance :)

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  • Aha ... I got him! Majed Alsolmi is a handsome guy from Yemen ;-)

    You can invite him to involve in our discussion. Fluent, his english level. I wondered if he is a learner of English. I think you are interested to interviewing him :-)
    here is his profile information


    Let's go ...

    • My kind sister, you are always most welcomed. I also feel bit exhausted and need to take rest until Saturday. Then we may start this story from where we have left it. Agree?

      PS: I have also come cross few profiles, we will discuss inshaAllah on Saturday.

      Take care!
    • Ok sister, I forgot him, but before we invite him, let's discuss him. He's fluent, then why is he learning English? Is it your point? If it's, I would like to refer to your comments

      " There is no end to learning. Yes learning is a lifelong affair. Achieving the fluent level of English is not the end of everything. This is one of the results by your hard work."

      Yet, you think, it's strong point, on which basis, we should invite him?
      I am ready to accept any challenge, but looking forward to strong cases like haider :)

      By the way, you really deserve to be honoured for reviving this discussion and turning it into great story of adventures on EC wonderland :)

      Looking forward to your decision :)
      • Just taking a little breath to continue our discussion ... :-)

        Tomorrow I will be back ...

    • Ok brother, forget about haider. Now you have to focus to  Majed Alsolmi, his English level was better. Maybe he will respond and take hold of our discussion ;-)

      Remember your discussion topic will bring us entry into the great story about the adventures in the EC wonderland ;-)

      Good luck!

    • Lol, figure it out why I laughed :)
      It's your challenge (^_^)
  • Hi Eka

    It is possible to use foods, for example;

    Some people are allergic to certain foods.  Protein rich foods are favoured by athletes.

  • Aha ... What does your name mean in Greek "Ekaterine" ?

  • Hi again, Eka. Are you from Indonesia? I knew you from your name's ;-) but after I visited your page profile, you're from Georgia. Is it your real name?

    Eka is one of the popular names in Indonesia. It is derived from the Sanskrit (Sansekerta-Java) language which means "one". Eka ---> Satu

    Welcome to involve in this discussion :-)

  • Aww what I worried happening. Eka, you are the first volunteers who provide the information for us here ;-) I think your info is so accurate. There are two possibilities or reasons to happen why they did setting up their profile information is mainly english levels. First they haven't understood what they should be informed, so they provide information that is not in accordance with the mastery of the English language. The second to catch eyes's others to ask or start discussion.

    In general as I described at the first.

    Thank you!

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