Whenever I read profiles of members, I ask myself these questions many times1) How do we come to know our English level?2) Why do we set it on our profile?I will let you know later on how I got to know my English level.I know we all have done it on EC. So, share your experience of setting your profileThank in advance :)

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  • Mehboob, but you set intermediate level on your profile. So let me know how you came to know your level. If you are unsure about your level, why did you think you're at intermediate level?

    Thank for the reply
  • Good you know i did not
  • Inshaallah, will be ! The pleasure is mine to dear brother.

  • Dear sister

    I wish your (our) family become the strongest!

    Thank for taking part in this discussion. I feel pleased!
  • Dear Brother,

    I am happy that you give an acceptance. Now my family become more strong! Cheers.:)

  • Well what you said about me I don't know what to say, blushing. :). Besides, you can be proud of being my sister. I have no objection. :D

    Thank for the comment.
  • Dear Brother,

    You never can disrespect any members even in a dream, I judge you by your writing and comments to others. Sometimes person personality can be guessed by their activity. You are so gentle and polite!!! I am proud being your sister.

  • Dear sistet ,

    Did I mean to disrespect such members? :D. No. I told you this just for interesting observation not to disrespect nor ridicule at them. I do agree with you that everyone has his own style to express and so do I. :)

    Thank once again for leaving comments
  • Dear Brother,

    I put it for my satisfaction and set my profile private. It did not measure about my English level, I know my level is below it.

    Some members show their self-confidence by setting level advance or fluent, don't they?......yeah I agree with you and respect their opinion because every one has their own style to express.

  • You intentionally put as " " level in profile on your self assumption :). But I can't see your level as you set your profile to private. Some members show their self-confidence by setting level advance or fluent, don't they?

    Thank for passing by and sharing your opinions
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