• Oh,really, Would you give me one of these ?.. Thank you..... thank you.. You're so nice guy !....but I prefere a pink or a purple one...have you ?...Grazie


  • Hello My Friend.. You must be a rich guy, you have 5 umbrellas... I've only one...Thanks for your comment...

  • Grazie Adriano, I like white umbrellas. 

    • Hello My friend Dara...Oh. The white one suits on  toyou.., The black one to me ...The pink one to Rose Irıs...


  • Because umbrellas can't open themselves? As for the it matter when one hopefully needs not to get wet? Not for me. 

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    • My Best friend Olga.. Thank you....What a nice video...!...

  • Hi Adriano.

    It pleases me to know I made you and your wife laugh. I have to confess a mistake I made. For women it has to be written: The SIZE doesnt matter but ....(the rest of the text is correctly written)

    • Mrs. Rose, Thank you !


    • Hmm.. I wonder why women like saying such quote :D

      • What quotes, Estanis?


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