Some years ago, they were selling toothpaste tubes barely, without being packaged into small boxes too, but not any more. I wonder why. Is it really because customers would prefer angular boxes? Or is it because store would love to lay them to stacks? Or maybe, they try to liven up economy, by producing more unnecessary garbage?

I remember, first they had moved the non angular toothpaste tubes, to lover shelves at supermarket, to make them harder to reach.. I had to squat to get it. But then, about year or two ago, they pretty much disappeared.

Yesterday I checked in one hypermarket and one supermarket. There was only one brand of toothpaste without box.. And that one was a bit too expensive brand for me.

How is it in your country? Do they have toothpaste only in small boxes, or in pare tubes too?

Which one you prefer. The boxed one, or just tube? ...

I hate the way they pack everything. The boxes are not the worst, there are much worse packages. But it is still unnecessary garbage. You buy it, take to home, take the product out from it, and throw it away. And then, you bay second time for it, for recycle, or at least for garbage truck to bring it away.. It seems so stupid.

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  • Well, I like the way the toothpaste sell with a box, why?

    Because when you're transporting the supermasket toothpaste to your house and the person who does not pack well you get home and all other things you bought are with toothpaste, as the material from which the tube is made is very delicate.

    Do not know if you ever happened to you, that by brushing your teeth fast you put a finger nail in the toothpaste tube and you break out the dough and fired in all directions and sometimes falls toothpaste on you too.

    When you go on a trip is much more practical to put the toothpaste box inside a plastic bag, and you will not have surprises when you get to your destination. That happened to me many times that when we reached our destination, all that is around toothpaste, is very unpleasant, believe me.

    Here in my country, the toothpaste comes in a box, sometimes is in promotion and price are two for one, sometimes also put a toothbrush and toothpaste at the same price and sometimes put mouthwash and toothpaste, ofcourse everything comes in a box.

    Finally, the plastic covering the box and toothpaste box can be recycled, thus many organizations to help fund their projects and also help Mother Nature.     :)

    • I remember, that when I was kid, then they did pack toothpaste into thin metal tube. Those tubes could break sometime. Now they usually use plastic tube. The plastic tube is hard to break... Oh that's right, some tubes may have a easy to open cap.. I think some "Colgate" had such easy to push open cap.. Well that also not a bad thing for those who are in hurry, and would otherwise leve the cap opened or lose the cap... I've usually used other brands, that have screw to tube caps.. And I'm fine with those. I'm not in so much hurry when brushing tooth...

      But still.. They could just cover that cap with some tape or smth. that u remove before use. It's no excuse why to use a box.

      The mouthwash they sell here without box.. but I find it expensive. I better buy mouthwash when they have discount.. Actually for tooth brush too, I try to find some that have discount.. It's difficult. They don't discount good toothbrushes.. And I need it to be soft stiffness too.They have mostly only medium.. So even harder to find right one. And then all these weird shaped toothbrushes, that looks like some UFO. Oh my god, it's mostly garbage. I once bought one of such, because it had discount. I regretted it.. It was only suitable for cleaning bicycle chain. :P

      The clerk at hypermarket looks weird to me, when I buy just only a toothbrush. She probably think: "What the hell. We have biggest store in the town, we have over 64 000 products to chose from, but he buys just this one discounted toothbrush!". Seems like for me, the toothbrush is cheapest to buy from hypermarket, so I go to there, when I need a new one. :)


    • What is the difference between hypermarkets and supermarkets?     :)

    • I think that hypermarket is bigger.

    • oh! I see.

      Thank you.      :)

  • In my country... They put it in pare tube (ohhh...I have a bit confusing, I mean : it covers in a " hard paper tube")... And It's cheap. One toothpaste is around : 1 USD.

  • Yes, but I did think it that way too.. That's why I wrote: "Or maybe, they try to liven up economy, by producing more unnecessary garbage?" That had also the part about some workers having job in package making factory.. I really did think about that. ^_^

    Here poor, or homeless, don't pick up the boxes of toothpaste. They can't earn much from it. They look for empty beer cans and bottles.. even for food from garbage. Rarely for boxes.

    But there are some business men who build bower plants, that use burnable garbage as fuel. So I think the rich people actually fight over the garbage that boor throw away.

    Yes, that's right. It's not the rich European, who throw the empty box away. It's exactly opposite. It's desperate poor, who work hard to earn living, who throws it away. And then, the rich ones fight over it. They all want the boor man's garbage. It's energy. Actually it's even so, that the boor man have to bay for the rich man, to take the empty box from him.... Although the rich man really want it, and earns money from it. :P 

    Seems like boor are stupid or smth? I don't know. Some really can be. But I say, he is rather more unfortunate.

    The economical, environment friendly and saving lifestyle really is luxury that boor can't afford.. It's sad, but it's the truth. T_T

  • I see. Here they started to sell the ones without boxes..... something, I don't know - few years ago maybe. There was also campaign about it. That to be more environment friendly and such.. But it was not the marketing, or toothpaste producer who advertised. It was some other, organization.. But don't know why they have stopped selling them again. I believe marketing did not like it from the beginning. They like rectangular boxes more. So they displayed them in store in a way that it would be more convenient to buy boxed ones.. And maybe most customers also liked the boxed ones, due to habit?

    I'm sure the producing factory, don't mind either way. Or maybe if they have a contract with the box making factory.. don't know.

  • But I think the pare tubes look good and colorful too.

  • What an interesting and wise question. I also hate unnecessary packaging. We are just wasting natural resources on very ridiculous unnecessary things. In my place, toothpastes have secondary packaging.

    I think when they could write all the info the customer needs on the tube itself, why they do it again on a package and also sometimes on a catalog in the box! Just redundant and for the sake of excessive business!

    One reason they use rectangular packages for toothpastes is that they want to transport a large number of them from city to city and even from country to country. Again these kinds of transportation are really redundant. We should look back in the past and how our ancestors used to live. We are creating false needs. Do we really need a toothpaste made in a foreign country? Do we need packaged water in the areas where we can use the healthy water turning the faucet at home?

    We do not need many of things we are offered in this hustle and bustle of modern life.

    We do not need to put plastic or paper around everything.

    Anyway, I really liked your topic. It conveys that we shouldn't pass by everything without paying a thought on it.

    Have a nice time.


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