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Why are you here? and what do you want?

This is an open question to whoever logging in

Why are you on this site?

And what exactly do you want from it? even though what you want might not be available here but share what do you want.

Are you a learner? If yes what are you trying to learn?

Are you a teacher? If yes what can you teach learners? 

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  • I'm here to tease Mary! :-P 

    Okay, okay... and I'm a learner as well. I study for the CAE. 

    Greetings! :)


  • I'm here to  ̶t̶e̶a̶s̶e̶  make people's life more fun, so they can adore me :P


  • I'm here to help. I am Sophia Gardner, a schoolteacher. Anybody, who needs help with a job interview, writing dissertations or anything else you are always welcome.

  • Firstly i want to learn this laguage,it is not my native language,that is why i am learning this language...

  • Why are you on this site?

    I am at this site so that I can read and reply to people's writings written in English. That way, I might be able to improve my styles in my writing.

    Are you a learner? Yes, I am a learner trying to learn all sorts of aspects in languages and Japanese is going to be my third language.

    Are you a teacher? I not a teacher, but I aim to be a qualified teacher in few years' time. I hope to be able to teach English as an additional langugae as well as Japanese in school.


    Can you tell me about yourself? 


  • Muskan: "Why are your here?"

    Me........: "I'm very much into ENGLISH SPEECH SOUNDS and PRONUNCIATION - i) articulation of individual phonemes, ii) phonetic symbols, iii) phonetic transcriptions and iv) suprasegmentals features! If a LEARNER, SPEAKER or TEACHER of ENGLISH really wants to know how to pronounce all the words listed in the dictionary, he/she MUST KNOW how to read the PHONETIC TRANSCRIPTIONS. A phonetic transcription is the SPELLING OF A SPOKEN WORD - "PRONUNCIATION", in other words. We can see the PRONUNCIATION printed after each word in the dictionary. I'M HERE to raise the AWARNESS among fellow MyEC members about the IMPORTANCE of learning the SPEECH SOUNDS for an excellent PRONUNCIATION."

    Muskan: "What so you want?"

    Me.......: "I WANT all MyEC members not to just keep dreaming how wonderful it would be if he/she could pronouce all the words listed in the dictionary, but make it happen as it is POSSIBLE for everyone."

    Please check my DISCUSSION at the "SKYPERS" group for DETAILS and EXAMPLES:


    • Thank you Gabriel, 

      Count me in, if not daily, every Sunday I will be joining in there. 




    • Hi Mohamed, 

      Let's see where can you start. 

      Read blogs, it will improve your sentence structure and you will learn new words too. 

      For reading, Mishaikh and Rose have a really good blog collection and their English is very good.

      For writing, post a blog and ask people to help you correct your writing, and to start with, my first suggestion is stop writing in all capital letters :D

      For speaking and pronunciation, you should feel lucky because Gabriel is back :) check his group here.

      For listening and learning a lot more about English, check Vicki Hollet's videos.

      Hope this help you. 

      Good luck. 


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      MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • Hi, Muskan.

    I am a learner.
    I am here for improving my English skills.
    I like meeting people from around the world.
    I am here to gain experience, exchange thoughts about culture, habits, the diversities of all of that.
    I've made good and disappointing experiences here on this site, but so is life.
    Stories, discussions, challenges, and poems we write reflect who we are, think, and do. Reading the stories give us the opportunity to look into the life, traditions, and culture of others.

    I would have said the same as Mishaikh if I was able to express it in the same way as he did, but he found better words than I can only agree to every single word.


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