whom u never forgave????

hi friends....
can u remember any one in ur life that has annoyed u and u never could forgive him/her????
first what has he /she done????and then why u couldnt forgive her/him????
i never could forgive a friend which forgot me and broke my heart.....
how about u?????

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  • Hi Raha, you started an interesting discussion and coming to me, sometimes few of my friends has annoyed me but it never  last for long time .I will forget everything and forgive them and  i will interact with them as earlier.thank you.

    • HI FRIEND...

      thank u 4 giving a comment....

      and thank u 4 being so kind like this....

      be happy...

  • Hello Raha!!

    I never forgave some neighbors that spread gossip and lies about me, two ex boyfriend because both hurt me a lot, the first one cheated on me and the second, hurt my feelings and make me unhappy and unconfident about myself. He is a great guy, we still talk to each other as a kind of colleagues, but I will never forgive the way he acted with me. I never forgave two guys from my work, the first one told lies about me, and the second knew about the lies and didn’t do anything. I don’t hate this people, but I don’t care enough (except about one of them) to believe they deserve or care about my forgiveness.

     I almost forget the worst person I have the displeasure to know, my brother’s ex girlfriend, who was manipulative and used to like to create lies about our family. This woman is the only person that I don’t lost my time thinking about, but I truly hate.


    • hi dear friend and tnx for ur comment....

      yes i think ppl who tell lie abt others and annoy them r the worst....

      any way BE HAPPY....

  • I have none. Keeping my revenge or anger to the person will just burden my life.
    • congrats.... :)

    • Wise woman. Great!
  • Spotting the title, it was somehow unexpected to see replys in here!
    Such a personal Q it might be.
    Anyway, it'd been quite of a while since I'd taken offence from an ex-friend but as I looked back, saw the problem was on my own side when sth really incridible and the same happened to me.
    I think others must forgive me rather than my forgiveness toward them.
    • hi

      and tnx for replying though u think the q was personal....

      be happy....

  • Forgive to forget

    That is the key to peace of mind and satisfaction. The other side of the story, your friend whom you so called never forget is already in pain, if you don't forgive him/her you would also suffer, you would be in a hell of a pleasantness. We forgive those who did us harm because God has forgiven us all.


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