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  • Nobody is. I'm perfectly flawed.

  • my MOM 

  • Well... It feels like you are asking this question to yourself by standing infront of the

    Everyone is perfect in this world bcoz god doesn't create imperfect things or person.

  • " take life as it is , not as it ought to be " I think that we can apply this saying in another direction . By using it to say that we should take people as they are with all of their flaws and mistakes . So , assuming perfection in people's behaviors is a sort of madness . Only those who look with a realistic eyes are the ones who will find comfort and relaxation

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    • Well, as the matter of fact, no one disagrees with you. We have positive and negative sides. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • what is the goal of this question? 

    My opinion, perfection is a dream that we had but never became true

    • Obrigado Flavio, You do not believe in it, do you? Does it mean that we cannot reach that state? I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your answer.

    • Ciao Adriano Martelli! How are you? Are you sure?

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