•  Hello English Learners ,

    I am surender babbar from India. I am a Chartered Accountant and Master in Law from India. I am working as Director Finance with  Government department in India.  I am having passion for legal research, Administration, Political issues, social issues, environment , justice Administration ,cultures and education systems. Though we have English as our first official language but I want to improve my English speaking skills while sharing my working experience and knowledge especially in the aforesaid areas of common life. I would like to connect with the interested members and look forward to their response.

    Thank you.   Surender Babbar, 

  • Absolutely I know it's not me....


  • I didn't think about this at all :)

  • Is it you? 

  • The 1st members of MyEC. (According to the Server. 😉)

    1. Tara Benwell
    2. Hardi
    3. Daniel Emmerson
    4. Hanane
    5. Nafis
    Tara Benwell
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    • Brother Mohammad , Except Tara Benwell , the other guys are not the second, third or fourth .. guys ..

    • I didn't count Mr. Essberger as a member. 

      And Yes, there were some old members who left MyEC. So their information is not on the servers anymore.

      Josef Essberger
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    • Thank you !

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