Who is more God or your closest ones?

Hello guys,I have a question for those of you, who are religious. I am atheist and that's why I am lately thinking about it. I would like to know one thing. If you should choose, tell me honestly whom do you love more: God or your closest ones such as partner, kids, parents etc? Plz don't tell me this love differs, you love both etc. Give it time and think. I would like to read clear answers. Thank you :)

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      • u are welcome dear :)

    • I do believe in God but for me relationships are important.We are here because there are certain things to be done from our end and we can't always blame our fate for our wrong doings.
      • niki,

        yeah I agree with you, I believe we can influence our life by our acts and I find very easy to say.. ohhh it was meant to be like this. Thanx for your opinion!

      • we don't blame it but we know that everything happend because ALLAH wants it to happen

  • same answer wijdane , the God allah biggest of anything , who get ur live and take it , if allah order thing ,just say do will be happen , 

    • muaf, thank you for your answer! Have you ever thought that some people die and they didn't deserve to die? Do you think God tests their relatives or punishes them? However, if you believe that everything what happened was meant to be...than your life is I would say way easier..
      • Do you think that all doctors should be able to heal the sick people?

        Do you get when you go on the certificate without exam?

        When your child's illness? Is requested assistance from doctors?

        i believe the God is existence , as The cold which feel it but u can't see it


        • thanx muaf,

          as you know I have different opinion and I believe that we can change your life by our actions... we are those who can influence it.

          Thanx for your opinions.

  • i love ALLAH more coz ALLAH who gives me my closest persons and only ALLAH who can take them from me .

    • Thanx for answer WIJ. So if somebody murdered your parents..you believe that Allah wanted it?
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