All are my dear friends,

             what a wonder think in my mind is ,why i was born here,what will i do here, why god created me in this earth .this is one of the often question in front of me but i could not find out the reply for it ,many creations are created here ,as animals ,trees ,warms,plants ,etc ,but all are benefit for human being , all are living with happy, they have no separate home, they have not collect and store their food ,water and dress,  but they can live here with comfortable ,satisfaction ,

            But when i am here , born as a human being , daily i have face more problems, more of them so difficult to face and mere are happy to me ,but this mere and tiny happy  not permanent one ,immediately changed,

           some person born here ,when they are in childhood they also seems so poor in their performance of education and activity,but after grownup they  discover some think to useful for people, now a days these discovering is not we could not live here ,i mean in this world we could not peaceful,we are always running as four wheeler, we have not find out our time for rest,

          so i feel myself that why ,what is the reason why god created me here, i don't know about it , but i am doing my work properly here , but all are knows ,who created me

                i love English very much, from my child hood i was studying in my mother tongue ,so i would like learn more English to speak and write English better then when i was studying English in school and college .

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