Facebook is better than twitter ?

Twitter is better than facebook ?


if you personally ask me,I think both have some good things. For example twitter have 140 characters is the best way to convey your thoughts instantly and facebook can be used to connect people easily for example likes, shares and chats much more....and

twitter for celebrities and facebook for family and friends.
have a good time
Sincerely, Sonia

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  • EnglishClub is my only social network.
  • facebook is better
  • Twitter is better than facebook

  • I think these website are good only for leisure but if you want to utilise your free time while doing social networking then there is only one website i.e QUORA
  • I agree with you. Twitter for celebrities and facebook for us.
  • Hi, I think Englishclub Better Than all of social networking site.  :D :)

  • Yes, I also agree with you. Facebook and twitter are the best social networking site. 

  • Fore me facebook better than twitter .
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