• Thanks Estanis, You are a very brave parrot and can live wherever you like :D

  • Hi Ahmad,

    OK, I don't frighten this little parrot but if something bad happen to him, it's your fault.

    • Thanks Saba for worry about me :)
      I'll keep it on mind, so if you ever need any help just call your little parrot.
  • Hi Raha,

    If I had that chance I might choose Scandinavian countries or Canada, I have always liked these countries. Anyway it's not too late for looking for a job there or just visit them.
    • A little parrot will freeze in Scandinavia or Canada, :D.

      • Oops..! Didn't thought about that little problem :(

        Then I'll think about your country, it must be warmer as well as they may like cakes and sweets.
        • Hi Estanis,

          Here, parrots have no security, if they go out they will be stolen. Our neighbor has a talking parrot, but unfortunately he was stolen, he liked apples and cakes very much. I'm very sorry for that poor parrot :(

        • as the result i wish u will have a good decision.... :)

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