• What kind of music "Despacito" is?

    I hope it is not reggaeton? ГГ

  • Ugh... the first ones coming to my mind aren't British and neither Americans but Canadians; and they're not bands but singers: Justin Bieber and Celine Dion *bwelggghhhh* 

    But yeah, there're also american bands and singers I don't like (I wouldn't use the word 'hate' anyway). People like Taylor Swift, Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Pitbull, Jonas Brothers... But in any case, there isn't anything worse than almost all the reggaeton bands/singers :P

  • Hmm, a difficult question for me, there is no band I loathe :(
  • Give me some smooth music, keep hard rock and heavy metall away and i will be very happy. Don't know much about the names of those bands as i do not listen to them, but bands as Led Zeppelin and black Sabbath are really not my cup of tea.

  • Dear Tara, I agree with James and Mommy. I don't like a music which is noisy and has no meaning. Unfortunately, I don't know their names precisely.
  • Tara!

    As for me, I hate all the Rock & Roll Bands, mainly too much noisy with the electronic musical sounds , and I don't understand the words what they are actually singing (even their melodies I can't follow), as it sounds too crazy for me. Sorry, that's the reason why I neither follow nor remember any A or B band's music.

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