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when should we start writing?

Hello. I've started to writing in my blog using of words I'm learning through 504 book. but this is so hard for me. actually I think I need read and learn more English grammar before writing. I have many problem when I'm writing and sometimes I use google translate. now I feel maybe it's better that I read a grammar book and until then don't writing anything. what's your idea and what's the best decision?

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  • I get you. I'm always insecure about my writing skills, and think I should learn more before I start... 
    How is it going now? This post is 2 months old... 

    Greetings! :)


  • Just keep it up without thinking it is "hard", time will come when you feel it was not at hard.....................Just keep it up.

  • When you think you should write, just start doing 

  • Hi! I started writing when I was in my Elementary grades. It's all descriptive, whatever I see and feel, experience and thought of doing, I just write whether grammarly correct or not. I did'nt think of grammar those days. It's all words, speeling conscious may be... Free-style poem, Haiku, free verse poem, personified... I was happy then. Those experiences I had made me love books and travel and love nature more... I may not be an expert in writing but I have tried it my way. And since I love readings. It ignited me more to write, though this time with the paper loads I have, I missed to write and publish them.

    In short, we can start writing from our early age because I believe that it will be develop someday. Have courage, don't fear! 


    Thank yuo for reading!

  • Don't think of making mistakes when you write a text . My advise is that you should write your texts in a note or something , in any way or form . Then , you can proofread them or ask a teacher or an expert to correct your writing . You are like a man " thinking how he crosses a bridge before reaching it "
    Write , write and write even great authors have their grammatical mistakes . Just don't stop . Big cities aren't built in one single day . The same thing is applicable about being professional in any craft or art . You need a lot of diligent and prservence prior you need a lot of passion and love to what you are doing.
    At last but not at least , I have saw a wonderful , meaningful and flawless text written by you up there . Have a nice day :)

    • Hello Rosemary,

      Your help and your words are greatly appreciated. I agree with you.Thank you for your recommendation.

  • Hello Shery,

    Keep writing and reading blogs. Grammar book could be boring for many people, and it's not effective when we don't use them.

    When you start writing, you think about sentences, that time you also think how it should be good to read. I sometimes checked some grammar rules for that. When you get used reading posts of news or blogs, you will learn little by little and you will not realize that you've got a progress. You can read and practice grammar book for sometimes.

    Have a greay day!


    • Hello Onee-chan

      Thank you. I'll do it. 

      Have a nice day!

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