For a long time I´ve wonder why my lunch sandwiches tasted more delicious when my mother or my kids´mother made them for me rather than when I did make them myself.  This feeling is not only with them but with any one else that happen to make a sandwich with every good topping necessary to give them a real good taste.

     No matter how hard I might try, when I get into the kitchen and spent up to 20 minutes, there is  no way to fix me up a sandwich a little bit close to the delicious ones I have the opportunity to enjoy when it comes from other hands.


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  • duhh!....never thought about it!              

    yes you are spot on...they do

    lemme scratch my head..:)

  • Nice topic John! Are you passionate about cooking? Would you mind sending us a sample of your sandwich (just kidding). Maybe you should need a lot more of practice or try to have fun while preparing food. Cooking is an art too. The more you do it with TLC, the more it will be tastier he he. Thanks for sharing this topic. God bless and Muchas gracias! : )

  • John, I noticed some errors on your title.

    You may wanna check it again.


    • John, I noticed you corrected MADED and changed it to MADE.

      That is good!

      There are few more things needed fixing.

      I see one misspelled word.

      Also, WHY don't you try to think of a more appropriate preposition instead of FROM?

      And you may wanna check the comparative form of MORE TASTY.



      • Sorry, I meant another comparative form of TASTY.
  • ...........because of the thought that they would surely make it delicious for you are the one who will eat it.  I agree with Rajesh.  When you prepare for someone you love, you see to it that it would be something that will give him complete satisfaction.
  • I think because restaurants have skillful chefs and in addition to their cooking skills, they cook every day. When you do something every day, you naturally becomes good at it in comparison to someone that cook in hurry or without attention. And, when you love doing something, you can make it so great. So, I think these makes the food so yummy. However, I don't think it's true all the time. It really depends where you eat. Sometimes homemade foods are way better than take-outs or restaurant's food.
    • Certainly neither do I willing to eat anything prepared  for some one who don't know how to  cook nor from any of my brothers because they don't know nothing about preparing food. however there are persons whom we don't even know but have an  excellent touch to prepare tasty sandwiches.

      Thank you very much for your comments dear friend Jasmine

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