• my all time fave pet is a dog, and im still wanting to have a Labrador.

  • I'm against keeping pets. Animals must live freely.

    We should not imprisoned them for entertainment.

  • WELL.. i don't have one.. but a snake would be interesting..:D
  • But for indian it is bad omen of symbol.IF any cat cross the road,we think it will be bad for us.

    I think my favourite pet is DOG.Dog is a faithful animal.If you change the spelling of DOG in last to first GOD .this is great thing.

  • HI , TINA



  • HI Tina ,nice topic ... my favourite pet is cat,i have three cats ......i have posted their photos here .........2381283962?profile=original 2381283917?profile=original2381284033?profile=original
  • Hey, I love cats off course, Why? because they are cute, adorable and cleaver. I raised two kittens, they were lost street cats. I Can't tell you how happy I was doing it. I gave them milk by baby bottel. The first week was scary because one of them it's stomach was getting bingger and bigger, it couldn't get rid of the wast, but then it suddenly happened. Thank god I felt relief after that. I played with them, I treated them as if they are my babys. Have you ever seen cats eat candy?? well, they are, they loved candys. Some times, I sneak them to my room, and sleep togeather. Because my mom, dont like pets in home. When sleeping, they sleep next to my hands or face, and Licking me.But I miss all that. coz then My mother told me that I should hand them to the shelter. coz she dosent allow pets in home.


    I really, do miss them, but I believe they are in better hands now, and also they are grown ups now, they can handle life at least that is what I taught them.

    They are :

    Samara & sahar.


    With all love


  • My favourite pet is a dog!!! I adore it. But not a dogs like in a handbag or under your arm :)

    I had a dog. It was a huge loss and now I am not ready to try it again :(  

    I am dreaming only!

  • thank youuuuu :)
  • 2381226262?profile=originalI am very agree with Nafis, for me too dogs are the best pet, because you can enjoy and share almost every thing with it, and I love a big dogs like german shepperd , those are amazing pet and great friends.

    Also I have a hamster , but I can play with it a lot.


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