sometime we are losing our spirit for work or study, we feel disappointed with all things, but we have to turn our spirit back, for make it better, if you ever find something like that, what will you do to increase your spirit, again?

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  • To play with whatever stuff I've around!


    Letting your mind play is the best way to solve problems... It's fuel for creativity!

  •      To me, first of all, I try to find out the real reason for the bad feeling that I suffer from ,then I follow some steps that I do ,like changing the place where Iam ,visiting some friends, hanging around with close friends ,etc.Ithink situations like you said depends on the psychological case , a person has got ,the background , the level of education ,etc .  

         all things mentioned above ,play vital role in fighting the bordom ,disappointment ,etc.

    • thank you for your comment salem, i agree with you about visiting and hanging with our close friend, i used to do that when i was in college but since i got a job suddenly i forget it, it's a good point, thank you

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