You are a very busy person.  You have your responsibilities as teacher, a doctor or as a soldier.  You fall in love with someone who happens to be your ideal.

What will you choose, "your RESPONSIBILITIES or LOVE"?

Discuss with reasoning.

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  • In order to satisfy the needs of the love of my life i need to do my job which is my responsibility as well. They are intertwined. They can't be separated. 

  • Very appropriate comment naring.  Yes its.

  • thank you for the discussion, in fact we can have both.with a good real love we do our responsibilties in the best way .

  • Love can spoil a great career. I'll never say never :)

    "Man does not live on bread alone"
  • Hi JP TP

  • Keeping balance is the most successful method.

    Thanks Icha for your comments.

  • Hi Misha,

    Your options are very difficult to choose, actually. I think they should walking equal in our life. If I have to choose, I will wave my hands to camera as a sign that I surrender :D (I adopted this deed referring TV program in my country within scary theme) hahaha....

  • It depends to what kind of love
  • Thanks saba for posting your opinion on the topic. Yes you are right.

  • It is better to choose the love, because a clever person can find a good job but it's impossible to find lost love again.

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