Hey there book lovers! 

Did you know that today is the International Children's Book Day?? ...Of course you don't! But lucky you that I'm here to remind you.

Okay, no need to thank me, but instead you can tell me about your favorite readings as a child.

C'mon, don't be shy and share your first childhood's reading memories! :P



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  • One of my favourites as a child was a picture book called 'Boy, Was I Mad!' by Kathryn Hitte (Author), illustrated by Mercer Mayer. It's about a young boy who gets so mad he runs away from home. He recounts all the exciting things he experiences during the day but eventually ends up back home, only to realise that he had forgotten to run away. By this point, he is no longer angry and instead feels hungry and tired. I'm sure we've all felt like this at one point.

  • an Aesop book  =)

    • Cool classic one!
      I like vey old fables and folktales. They are always sooo weird :D 

  • when i was kid, i think i didnt read books. After adolescence, my best was Tolstoy,  Crime and Punishment. watch out marry someone  can kill you like raskolnikov :)(for fun)

    • Have you never read children's books? Uhm... that's sad. 
      But it's never too late. You can start with Charlie the chicken :P


  • Looolll hahaha ! My doves ; When I was about 5 or 6 ,I read '' THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY ''    Albert Einstein ...the second was  ;Marxism ,economic theory originated by Karl Marx . I remember it like it was yesterday .

  • I can't write as this little one has taken my all attention!

    • haha yeah! 

      bet, now look at this while you repeat: “All work and no play makes bet a dull girl”


  • You didn't define "young"

    When I was about 6 it was probably Harry the Dirty Dog; in Elementary School it was Jean George's My Side of the Mountain; Pilot Jack Knignt (unsure of the Author) and a biography of Johnny Bench

    • I didn't say 'young'. I said 'child', and 'Children's book Day'... But yeah, it can be confusing... i guess? :/
      Okay, let's say childhood goes from 5 to 12 y/o. Uhm... but still, some ppl at their 40's still have a 'childhood mentality', so... okay, u know what? Whatever! ¬¬


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