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    It appeared that Adam would not deserve his name. Not well named / not as high as his name is to be / demands from him.

    Is that right? Thank you.

  • relevant question (interesting)

    to live up to one's name  means 

    'not to be able to be at the height / measure  of one's reputation 

    Adam looks unable to do / make  what you could / would expect from him.

    got it?

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  • may be people was expecting lots of thing from adam, but now they are expecting too much from him. 

  • I think it means that he couldn't fulfill the expectation regarding his traditional name in the Bible.

    In the Bible "Adam" is a person "Build from loam/soil."

    So possibly the sentence means that Adam is not "rooted to the soil{high flyer}" or "careless in the sence of not to be grounded"  

  • Initially it's as if Adam would not be able to keep to his reputation.

  • Salem, if you replace the word `name` with `reputation` then you will understand what this sentence means.  In other words, Adam had achieved a certain status because of his deeds and then it seemed as though he would fail.  For example, imagine an author who has written a great first novel, but then because of personal circumstances, is not able to repeat that success.

  • I agree that context is very important in interpreting this sentence.

    So, what was Adam's "name," anyway?  Name meaning "reputation?"

    Adam, at least in the Bible was the first man.  He was also the husband of Eve.  

    So why would he not live up (deserve) this name?  

    Again, context is important to know what is meant by this sentence.

  • I think it means that Adam will not be able to honour his name.

  • Salem I try to do my best, so i think this sentence that mean Adam he didn't want to great person, because he knew that the most great in this live GOD.

  • Let's use this forum to keep asking questions like this.
    What does this sentence mean?

    "I never buy no name pens." 

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