Why the squirrel is hunging? There are a lot of theories.
Probably because it is not sure when should use Perfect Continuous Tenses and is it wise to use this for passive-voice.
What is your suggesting?


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  • Well, I don't care much about grammar... or rules in general... BUT I love the shared video! That really made my day. :)) Thanks!! 

  • Oi there, folks

       To fully depict the awkwardness of constructing sentences in the passive voice with perfect continuous tenses, one shoud try to construct such a monstrosity and see how it sounds, so, here it goes:

    I- The hunging squirrel has been being observed the whole morning by people passing by the tree.

     II- The hunging squirrel had been being bitten by fleas for a longer while before it decided to take a bath.

    As far as I am concerned, any native English speaker who had the bad luck to hear such a macabresque construction has the right to shoot the speaker dead on the spot. :-)

    • "The hunging squirrel had been being bitten by fleas for a longer while before it decided to take a bath."

        it is great! i would put it in schoolbooks.

      but.. However, many authors of english textbooks cite the full range of tenses in the passive voice, that is, all 12. After all, from the point of view of grammar, everything is true and correct, and the beauty of a language is a personal matter of each individual user.

    • Hmmmmmm...Mr. Winnie, by any odd chance, do those authors of engish textbooks you were kind to mention, abide the wast preries, montain ranges and frozen terrain known as the usa? If so, then all's fine, they like to mess up the original English language as if it was their own legacy. :-)


    • mr. Ray's i do not have a desire argue with you long time and i would say only that English language is a "math" (highly formalized) lenguage and it would be batter if it does not have rules exceptions.

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