I'm living in abroad from last 7 years, so every day I eat at restaurant. But now I'm health conscious and takes much time to decide that what to eat today?

I need suggestion or advise from the my friends that what are the things I shouldn't eat so often and what are things I should eat which are healthy.

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  • If you want to take advice from me, I will share my experienced view that you should always avoid much oily and spicy foods which is not at all possible at restaurant I think. You should add some fruits in your daily foods and drink water as much as possible to enjoy good health. Good luck Faisal.

  • You are what you think and what you eat. Just eat what you need and suitable for your present health condition, Not eat what you Want . If logic plays more than appetite in this case, I am sure you will always stay healthy. Heath is the diamond, don't ever ignore it or you will be regret :).
  • Good choice!
  • Cake 24/7


  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

  • Syed - why can't you grill chicken,fish etc & eat it along with veggies . Its more healthy & you don't want to put much efforts into it..Happy cooking
    • That sounds delicious, :D
      Many thanks

  • Niki@ 

    You can't really eat vegetables, yoghurt, egg, oats fish etc. since I'm not a vegetarian i like meat as well but the problem is eating at restaurant.....It's not healthy at all.

    I was wondering about the dishes which i can cook easily without putting many efforts.....

    Many thanks for participating

  • Try to include leafy vegetables,yoghurt,egg,oats,fish etc.They are more healthy & rich in protein.Initially i have tried this but now back to square one..poor me
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