• When I taught English to some students, of various level, in one class, I say "pencil" in wrong spelling, with confident.... Then, a third grade student corrected my spelling. 

    I hadn't believed it until I checked it in a digital dictionary.

    You know how I felt so embarrased. 🙈

    • Another lesson learned 😜.     Thank you Onee

  • Buenos diaz senior Estanis, My son wanted a car. I had to buy one. His brother also wanted one for himself. Honestly, I did not have enough money to buy two. It was very critical for me.

    • step by step, first the older one then the next one. Hmm.. it could be not so nice anyway.   Just hope there was no arguments.

  • When I was a college student、I went to a tanning salon with my friend. I wore only a very little thong and tanned myself there.

    After a few days、I had a big boil on my behind and went to a hospital. I showed my buttocks to a doctor. So as you could imagine, there were suntan lines like T-shape. The doctor said, "Do you always wear underwear like that?"

    • Funny doctor ))    Next time try on a beach, tunned is more natural.   Thanks for dropping by!

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