• Once I fell over getting out of a taxi, it was very embarrassing moment for me.

    • Just hope you didn't hurt yourself.

      Don't tell anybody but when I see someone I know falling down my first reaction is laughing,  after that I say 'are you OK? 😂    sorry, can't help do it

  • Once I dried off my hair with a floor towel, it happened in a hotel and the cleaning lady mentioned it,  I became ashamed a lot and felt nausia.

    • You're not the only one,  hotel's rooms use to have many and when I use them to dry myself I just take the first I get))

      Thanks for sharing Bet.

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    • Hehe.. Still remember your story,  hopefully not your boss))

      As for this one it's sort of common fail in school stages, maybe you're like Bridget Jones haha... well she's cool.

  •       Actually my friend, I don’t have many such of face palm moments in my life, yet. But the most embarrassing one it had been before 8 year ago. When someone came with his family for the engagement of my sister. I thought his father is the groom. His nice outlook, his athletic body, the smell of his perfume and above all, his sweet smile which captured my heart. At that moment, all my behaviors and words expressed nothing except that, he is the groom, no doubt of that. Then when I had been told the truth; really I felt like the cat got my tongue. 

         Finally, such misunderstandings occupy a corner at our minds, which last forever there. And at our darkest moments, we resort to it to bring a beautiful silver light in the dark with a mazing smile on our lips. God bless and your family as well.

    • Lol... Sewar, I bet your sister remember the story to you sometimes.   I had similar case with a friend I knew and her mother.  Yes, it can be so embarrassing))

  • When I taught English to some students, of various level, in one class, I say "pencil" in wrong spelling, with confident.... Then, a third grade student corrected my spelling. 

    I hadn't believed it until I checked it in a digital dictionary.

    You know how I felt so embarrased. 🙈

    • Another lesson learned 😜.     Thank you Onee

  • Buenos diaz senior Estanis, My son wanted a car. I had to buy one. His brother also wanted one for himself. Honestly, I did not have enough money to buy two. It was very critical for me.

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