What's your country famous for?

Hello Dear MyEC Friends,


Can you name one or several things your country famous for?

I am from Turkey and Turkey is famous for Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, any kind of Döner (food), Turkish Ice Cream and Turkish Coffee & Delight. (If I forgot some, please add them Turkish friends :) ...)

How is Turkish Ice Cream served?

Aws & Suhaib --> Jordan

Musti & dia --> Turkey

pisces & Ha Nguyen & Scarlett --> Vietnam

Asma & hafida --> Algeria

Sahar --> Iran

Grace --> Taiwan

Tetyana --> Ukraine

Faheem --> Pakistan

Chandra --> Indonesia

tawfeeq --> Iraq

rema --> Saudi Arabia

Charos --> Uzbekistan

Tara --> Canada

Junco --> Japan

Mark & Syubi ---> United States

U shaikh --> Mumbai (India)

Lucy --> Ecuador

Deepa & Sakshi --> India

mirtha --> Peru

Oriani --> Venezuela

SaLeM --> Yemen

lamlom --> Egypt

Darapheak --> Cambodia

Maggie --> Switzerland

Fidan --> Azerbaijan

Mark --> Australia 

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    • and what those temples for and which era thank u so much i like pics

  • Yasemin, I really love this blog. Cannot imagine how much money and time I have to spend to get to all those places. It is amazing to know all those places representated by the locals. Hope I could to all those places someday. Beautiful and wonderful. Thanks to all the people here!
  • I love my india...

  • hi Yasimen,  i am Hesham from Egypt .. this blog is Awesome and i read all comments and it was very interesting and that`s i love .. to discover the world around me and culture and heritage !

    SO about Egypt :

    Oldest Civilization,Pharaohs and  History beside  the pyramids, ancient temples (Karnak), Luxor and Aswan’s temples. Its Nile, Abu Simbel and its Seas, all major tourist attractions. Siwa Oasis, Valley of the Kings… then there’s Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria > the Library of Alexandria and Cairo.

    places : Two seas with nice shores and amazing desert.

    Pyramids :


    Suez Canal  : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suez_Canal


    • Food :

    1.Flafel : flafel is nice to begin ur day with, and if u r Vegetarian.


    2.Koshari :  koshari  is very simple meal .. easy to make it in ur kitchen, try it and u`ll love it.


    3.Molokhiya :

    • 2387148273?profile=originalBeverage :          Sugar Cane : nice to refresh after hot or thirsty.
    • 2387148376?profile=originaltransportation :  Carriage but now it is only in touristic places for tourists.
    • 2387148333?profile=originalPersons :

    Cleopatra  : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleopatra


    Tutankhamen:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tutankhamen

    2387148477?profile=originalPresident Gamal abd el naser : he is well know in socialism system countries :ESP. Cuba & Venezuela



    Om kalthoum : " the star of east " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om_Kalthoum

    i have many foreign friends who fall in love with her songs.

    2387148537?profile=originalAmr Diab :  the most famous singer now in Egypt and well known in the world music many of  his songs has translated to many languages  : spanish french english Russian turkish ... and video clips with famous models and actress of Hollywood.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amr_Diab

    • 2387148558?profile=original

    composer & pianist Omar Khairat  :


    " Sunset "

    • Nobel Prize :

    Ahmed Zewail & Nagib Mahfouz & President Anwar el sadat.

    • Folk Dance :many of folk dances according to the heritage we have here in different provinces ..

    Nubian : known in the south of Egypt.



     Semsemya : in eastern province > fishermen and sailors.


    Tanoura : known has come from sufi doctrine and know  wide spread now in Egypt as a folk dance in festivals and wedding parties.


    saedi with sticks: well know in Upper Egypt > Farmers.


    the most famous of them is BELLY DANCE .. many school now in Europe especially in east of Europe to learn.



    Sure That`s not all we have .. if we mention then we will devote  big blog about !

    Thank you for giving me this chance to talk about my Country i really interested in this blog it is one of the most interesting one i have read here.

    I wrote a blog about touristic places in Egypt u may be interested it also


    Thank you again ..

    • this SUNSET music my the great composer is killing me...am speechless......so calming and relaxing....i need to enrich my english vocabulary to describe whatever i feel while listening to this piece of music.....it really compells me think about the philosophy of life and our existence on this world.....

    • most of all i liked the video where the egyptian guys are dancing in  some rows so rhythmic and energetic and sexy hehehehehe

    • hey SHINING STAR what about making your own site about Egypt?...i admire you and all you do here....so interesting!..I think everyone will agree with me that having read and seen all these pics about your country we shall have the constant desire to visit your mysterious country, i feel as if you have taught all of us a valuable lesson, and we should do some personal research to discover more about your country , i hope all of you will live in peace to make your marvelous ancient  country a paradize, where everyone would dream to be lucky enough to visit one day!

  • THe way of how car passed on that bridge took  my breath awaaay :O :O

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    • Hi Giant, sorry i do not agree with all what u say here .. all has its Own another  origin

  • MashAllah very nice
    Biryani and boti is too famous in India

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