What's the weakness of your land in your view?

Question:  give honestly your opinion about the scarcity of food in the rest of the world. 

Switzerland:  'what's scarcity?'

Chad:  'what's food?'

USA:  'what's the rest of the world?'

North Korea:  'what's giving your opinion?'

Spain:  'what's honestly?'

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  • government  =D

    • Now I remember some issue I watched on news about Malaysian royalty... well it's nothing to do I guess. I'd like to kick the ass to many politicians here too  :p

  • Uhm... Some friends of mine from different countries have told me once that I don't 'look' spanish... I asked them why, but they never gave me any clear answer.
    Now I'm thinkin' if it might be 'cause of being too 'honest' :P


    •  Maybe sometimes too honesty turns into harshnes regardless our nationality.  Don't know if you look like Spanish but actually you seem to be a Spanish in general terms  :p

      Btw you may be as honest as you wish with me, I promise to take it in a natural way :D

      • 'Natural way' means something like:




        You're used to deal with customers... So I know you can deal with my sometimes-rude-manners in a very professional way :D


        • Yah.. it's fine with me but try not to make any diplomatic conflict anymore  ; )

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina : " what's justice ? "

    • Hi Ella,  I think I know what you mean. All we have dark pages in our history. Thanks for dropping by  : )

      • thank YOU for livify this site with nice topic and make my day reading funny comments..  glad to see you here ;)

    • What is satisfaction?

    are the world champions in complaining. We are never satisfied, although we should be.

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