Chinese Yuan, American Dollar, Japanese Yen, European Euro, British Pound... What's the name of your monetary unit? What can you buy with one unit? In China, you can buy one bottle of mineral water with 1 Yuan; if you have 1 yuan, you can take a bus [big city 2 yuan or more].

【when I was a kid】

【the newest set】

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  • Oh, really? That's special! So I guess you have a very harmony and friendly neighborhood. That's very nice! 

  • Money is not the most important but it's necessary for your life. As you live in the village in my country you don't use the money to buy anything. You can use an egg to change vegetable from neighbor. And smile to him.

  • Hi, in my country the name of the unit monetary is CFA,with one CFA you can't buy anything.for example you need ten CFA to buy candy
    • CFA? What's it for short? ;-)

  • The British Pound. The worlds oldest currency still in use today.

    £1 will buy:

    • 1 litre of milk
    • 2 Loaves of bread
    • A bus ride
    • A 120g bar of chocolate
    • 0.77 litres of petrol :(

    • Giggling, don't :( !!  :) please! British pound is still the most valuable money.

      Ohhhh, British Pound is the world's oldest currency?

  • hi Micky

    the monetary unit in my country (Ian) is rial and ten rial is equal to one toman. i am sorry to say that with one toman you can not buy anything.for example cost of public transportation is at least 200 tomans.

    also there is some other country that their monetary unit is rial

    • Thank you for your informative message, behzad!

      What are your largest note and coin?

    • the largest note in my country (Iran) is 50000 toman and about coin the largest is 500 toman.

      have you heard about my monetary unit before?

    • Giggling, I heard the word "rial" only before!
      Oops, 50,000 toman! That's a large number.
      Thank you, behzad!

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