Personally, the first thing I notice is the amount of comments coz I wonder so:

If the blog is worth reading, so at least it must have more than 3 comments...or I notice the writer; coz some members are such nice writers.

For many members (as I've noticed) they mostly read the blog if the publisher is their friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I wrong?! Then what's ur saying?!

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  • Hello Sniper!! What catches my attention first is the blog title. Bye!!

  • first thing I look is the title. if the title is eye catching or nice of course the message is ineteresting
    • Nice!

      Actually, the same with others!

  • the first is title  it must be eye catching  n then attractive points..

    • Easy words!


      I donno why most of us look for the easy ones! coz we can finish its reading so quickly and jump onto another one?! :P

  • Thanx for the like and reply pal!

    Ya...but u know sth! We don' need to explore whole the EC acitivities so to understand when others publish a blog...actually, in the main page of the blog lists we can simply get the updated and new ones...whether it belongs to our friends or others.

    Anyway... ;)

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    • I saw ur paintings!!!!

      U're such a great artist!

      So is that why u like the blogs within pix ?!!!!!!!!!!!! (kidding!)

    • O!


      Such a nice option...actually, not only for blogs but even magazines I often watch the pix instead of the text! I'm not really intrested in reading sth esp. in a long time...the same with u! The shorter the better!

  • The first thing in a blog that attracts my attention is the write, the second is the length of the blog, I usually read short blogs. The third is the title then the simplicity, I don't like to read complicated writing.

    • Complicated ones!!!!! fact, just for a moment it reminded me of a quote which is usually appeared in EC pages "It is more fun to talk with a person who uses less difficult vocabs" (sth like that..I can't remember the the cpmlplete one)...But after all, u know the point?! In the simple ones we often tend to read, the old words and vocabs r used (I'm not referring to the content...coz of course in most of the times, the content of a long blog is less worth than shorter ones) and in order to improve our knowledge, finally we have to face this issue that we must read the comlicated ones within much patience so at least to be sure we can improve our Eng and doing sth apart from fun as that qoute is encouraging members towards simpilicity!!!!

      Do u agree anyway?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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