• if u read the history u will notice that any country conquer another country try to spread it's culture in that country coz that will help it to control that country for along time  , u can see the effect of that in the countries which conquered by France like tunisia , algeria etc ,,, then if u compare between france and british empire u will find that england conquered the majority lands fo the world  , then us nearly inherit the british empire but u.s didn't use weapon in it's conquest . it used another things like technology , science , economy ,,,, i think the need of all this things made english language the most popular

  • I guess because it is easy to learn,easy to speak ,easy to understand...

    • This can be a reason. hmmm... easy...

  • Just because the way you sound Its language, is so undescribable feeling. Wait, in my case, lol.

    • hahaha, beauty is really 1n the eyes of its beholders~ Special and distinguish standpoint~

  • Maybe it's because, for most people, English is originated from some far away country which is some island somewhere no one actually knows where it is... It doesn't have so many neighbor countries.

    No one would want to help their neighbor's language to become popular so they chose to learn some other language from somewhere... Well that's at least the case with me. I would not agree to learn example Russian, which is my neighbor country, since I don't want to make that Language any more popular than it already is. ^_^

    • What a novel and lovely reason you gave! I've never thought of this reason!

  • There could be a lot of reasons:

    1. It's the most common second language spoken by the people worldwide.

    2. It's widely taught in schools as a second language across the globe.

    3. Most of the literary work is either in the English or has been translated into the English.

    3. It's the language of business and science and technology.

    4. In the past, British Empire ruled a lot of areas of the world.

    5. Nowadays....America is one of the most powerful countries of the world.

    6. It's the language through which Mickey and Nida communicate with each other.

    • The primary reason is 4. Empire. At its height it spanned 1/4 of the worlds landmass and more people than any other in history. Governors were installed and English became the official language of government in all colonies. We invested in the infrastructure of our colonies, building road and rail networks, schools and other public buildings. We bought our systems of education and common law to the colonies and so the use of English spread. It's sad that most talk about former English colonies focus on the harm we caused and ignore the good we did.

      Other languages spread in a similar manner, but to a less extent, include Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French. 

      Like all empires. Ours came and fell. But the solid foundation of our language has been accelerated by the Internet where it remains the dominant language used. Indeed the World Wide Web was invented by an Englishman, Tim Berners-Lee.

      Strangely enough the most dominant form of our language taught now, many of my countrymen do not consider English at all, but American. The pronunciation and spellings are different in many cases. Some words even have different meanings.

      Some common American words and their correct English counterparts:

      Color > Colour

      Staffs > Staves (Staffs is actually a small county in England)

      Lazer > Laser (An acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

      In England, use of Americanisms is seen as distasteful.

    • hahaha, n1da you are so so funny and lovely! 1 really l1ke the last reason you posted.

       1 th1nk 4 can be an 1mportant reason wh1le the others can be the results wh1ch after Engl1sh 1s popular.

      What do you say?

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