• @Sami:yeaah nice Sami, you're right, we should live our life in the way that we like :)....I agree with ya friend!...but I care about yesterday & tomorrow,for me it's important :)
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    • @Rose:Yep right,I like yur opinion:).... It's nice to do something very important that no one did it before!....It's my opinion too! :).....Thnx for shariing yur nice comment dear!..god bless ya :)
  • I think your question isn't strange at all, 

    of course my successes make me proud of them )))

    • @Cogan:hh ok,hmm nice to about your opinion!:)...but what do you mean by your success?

      @Walid:Nice thinking!...helping others is nice!...I like helping others!!..but there are alot of things make me proud!!..:)

    • like Im proud of my self cus Im muslim!!:)
    • Yep I understand ya well, and I like your thinking too!....yes It's bless from Allah  that we are muslims..but there are some ppl were born muslim but  unfortunately,they don't do anything make us see them like muslims!!...for ex:they don't pray or don't thank God for his blessings......!!even that I still feel proud that Im muslim even you said that I didn't do any effort to be muslim!....every one have his or her own thinking!...and I can't say that Im proud of being a girl or boy..this is another thing!!......finally,I agree too with Nafis! too,I say I will be proud of my self If I do something nobody did it before! :)

          ok brother thank you for your opinion!

                                    take care:)


  • hey dear friends! thank you all for your nice comments!:)

    @Deuce66: oh dear sis! you're proud of your self!! I see that!:p

    @Nafis:yep you're right dear sis! there is big difference between arrogant & proud!....I like your explication to this word!....hmm, nice,I like your thinking!:))

    @Fresh:why,nothing?!! have to be proud of your self friend;) like Deuce66 LOL!! :p

    @Uran:you're right...yeah,sure everything should be in measure! but still not understanding my question!!

    @Ravi:Thank you bro:)...I like what you wrote and the way you talk about what  make the person feel proud of himself!...and yeahh let's be proud of our selves!....and don't be arrogant or pessimestic!! :))

    • You're welcome Ravii :)....Im happy cus you like this topic ^__^...wish ya happy & wonderful life!!....soo keeep smiliing!
    • @Ravi:Ohh Ravi friend!....Im red now! hhh thnx friend for your nice comment!....I see that you're the wonderful person ;)!!...

                                             wish ya blissing life :))


    • @Ravii : you're sooo welcome ;)!!.........take care :))
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