• well, MaNal it depends on your situation, of course!

    I would love to have my family here in germany - but it doesnot work.

    How many people give themselves up and swim with the flow??!! Instead of being at least a bit ambitious and make things better! Such a pity.

    Perhaps it doesn´t exactly mean that you´re proud of yourself, but of your doings, right? It is a good feeling, must confess. So, good night and best wishes to everybody

    • Hmm, dear I respect your opinion :)...It's ok, and you're right,every one have his own situation!!

                            ok Alena:)...have good night too ;) & sweet dreams!

  • ..nice thread! For sure! Well I´m proud to be a mother, to work and study without having relatives and family, to be independent and to make decisions on my own. I don´t think your question is rediculous ;o)
    • @Alena:thnx for yur nice comment!..nice, but u know I can't live without my family & relatives!!....even with them u can be independent to make your own decisions!! :)..I think soo!..hh u find my qst rediculous!! :p


  • Okk dear,I will not made you wait aloot ;)!!....soooooooooon :)
  • @ Smiling moon: I will do inshallah disscusion about religion soon!!....and you're soo welcome sweety! :)

                                          take care ;)

  • As for me,I guess what makes me proud is having plenty of knowledge regardless of any thing else because knowledge is power .

    • @Jenny: lol...hmm, u seem you love so much you're country!! :)..nice too!..I like your comment friend :)...thnx;)

                                                  take care!!

    • @Salem: Hmm,nice!..the knowledge, It's veryyyyy important:)...I will be more satisfed & proud of my self if I do something super great with my knowledge:))!!...yeahh, I hope that your wishes & dreams be reality to be proud of your self :))

                                        have a good time & keep smilingg ;)

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    • @Smiling moon:thnx for ur comment:),me too Im proud of my self cus Im muslim ;)!! the way,I like yur nickname :)!!
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