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  • Oi there, 

      Hmmmm...."She died in the end...:(..What about you?"....

      Well...I haven't kicked the bucket yet and hope I won't do it in the nearest future. ;-)


  • Had an awesome dream where i had a great life, not perfect, just a really good life and waking up with someone beside me. I wake up for real, throw my hand to the other side of the bed to find nothing and then being hit with the sudden recollection that im waking up in my own appartment as a 26 year old who has never had a steady relationship. run 3

    Run 3
    Run 3 with our little alien is back for more platform fun. Run through an endless tunnel, diverting from the holes and pieces of ground that break wh…
  • A movie where someone dies at the end?

    Okay, spoiler alert: we all die at the end... ¬¬

    And have you seen how the world is going on lately??  ...Nowadays, to die is a happy ending.

  • A damn letter from my damn bank.  Well I should be sort of inmune yet 

    Btw, I bet you watched 'gosht' by Patrick Shwaize too :D

  • Seeing that there are still people, who are too naive to see through that hypocritical veneer of people with ugly agendas. But in the end... they might deserve this... or are just the same... Who knows?


  • SpamBuster

    Oh, that's sad. That's the reason why I do not watch sad movies.


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