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  • Oi there, folks

    I laughted off my head at Mary's luck that we, da dumb, democratic christians, don't execute those making fun of our religion! ;-)

  • Girlfriend farted in her sleep making me bust out laughing... it stank and she blamed me when she smelt it. Nothing like laughing at an angry girlfriend at like 4 in the morning... I wore that smile all day. valentines day gifts for her

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  • This pic ↓464128b8ea20d864e591d907079936cb.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Jesus memes... can't help it XD

    • I am a christian Mary. Thanks for making Him more popular.


  • SpamBuster

    Ah, it was just a casual plastic laugh not a genuine one. I talked to an old friend of mine and he cracked a joke and I laughed because I didn't want to seem rude.

  • Still waiting for...

  • The same thing that made me sad.


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