"Ladies first" is a phrase encouraging perceived polite gentlemanliness, allowing the ladies to go before the men. It is a chivalrous custom. What "ladies first" behaviors do you think are necessary?

1. When you get in and out of a car, your boyfriend should open the door for you.

2. When you carry any baggage, your boyfriend should carry them.

3. When you are walking on the street with your boyfriend, he should walk along the roadway side of the sidewalk.

4. When you go to a restaurant with your boyfriend, he should pull out your chair for you.

Are there any other "ladies first" behaviors that you think are necessary? Or are those behaviors are not necessary at all? If you are male, do you act on "ladies first" behaviors that I mentioned?

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    1. I think, these ladies first behaviers were introduced long back. Most probably there were some reasons behind these. Let me assume, most probably then women wore such outfits that women did not feel comfortable to open the car door or in a restaurant. They might need to hold their long dresses or hats or they might wear discomfortable shoes....

    Look, we still face this sort of problems in our present life too though not always. But, in the parties, it is a big yes, and it happens around the globe. Then, women need some kinds of help. And, when a person needs help he or she must get it.

    Personally, i prefer equal treatment. 

    • Hello, Bet. Thank you for sharing your opinion. It is a good assumption.

  • Hello everyone.Women are so emancipated nowadays I am not sure is it necessary at all.There are no specific rules,it should be natural.

    • Hello, Kate. Thank you for your comment.

  • Hello Tam,  interesting discussion, thank you! "Ladies first " was an usual thing for my parents generation, but these days we don't see it often; if  a man opens the door to get into the car is pleasant, to wait for him to go around the car for getting out  feels awkward,  a waste of time, but if done for an elder  or a child, then of course is a wonderful thing to do.  A man who helps a woman or an elder carrying her luggage is cool, but if we see a man carrying a woman's little purse isn't it too funny? Number 3 is a "should" and 4, is not necessary but somehow pleasant. 

    • Hello, Helen S. Thank you for your comment. Hahaha. yes, a man carrying a woman's little purse is funny.

  • Nice discussion. May I add one other aspect? “Women and children first“ as when a ship is sinking (eg Titanic). This age-old practice may reflect the importance of women to the human race. If all males died tomorrow, the human race would continue. If all females died tomorrow, it would not. (Let’s forget Frankenstein fantasies about cloning and artificial progeneration.)

    So the question is, if the ship is sinking - do you believe in “Every man for himself” or “Ladies first”?

    • Hello, Mr.Josef Essberger. Thank you for your comment. It's an interesting aspect. However, if all males died tomorrow, the human race would not continue. One man is needed at least.: )

      Of course, if the ship is sinking, I think women and children are first, but as for elderly people, I am not sure of that. What do you think about elderly people?

    • > One man is needed at least.

      Not a single man would be needed. There are enough women already pregnant to continue the human race. Men are expendable.

    • Lol...good answer, Mr. Josef....hahahah...And well...this is just like that. Do not forget about scientific ways to clon the cells... and many others as scientists are used to saying))


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