"Ladies first" is a phrase encouraging perceived polite gentlemanliness, allowing the ladies to go before the men. It is a chivalrous custom. What "ladies first" behaviors do you think are necessary?

1. When you get in and out of a car, your boyfriend should open the door for you.

2. When you carry any baggage, your boyfriend should carry them.

3. When you are walking on the street with your boyfriend, he should walk along the roadway side of the sidewalk.

4. When you go to a restaurant with your boyfriend, he should pull out your chair for you.

Are there any other "ladies first" behaviors that you think are necessary? Or are those behaviors are not necessary at all? If you are male, do you act on "ladies first" behaviors that I mentioned?

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    • Excellent, Dara :)

    • Hi, Dara. Thank you for your comment. If men think as you think, women would be happy.

  • Hi Tam

    I can do all above just fine.... but once in a while.. why not ... lol

    a girl needs feeling special always.  


    • Hi, Fizzy. Thank you for your comment. Haha, yes, it seems so.

  • Hello Tam, 

    Nice discussion.

    1. Not necessary. If it does, it will be just a sweet thing to me. However, I'll be not patient, I will get out of the car by myself. :D

    2. Not always, if it is heavy, YES. :D

    3. Naturally, YES. But sometimes, I forgot. lol

    4. Not necessary to me, but naturally it does. ^^

    Thank you for sharing this discussion.

    • Hi, Onee-chan. Thank you for your response. Nice to see you again.

  • Oi there, folks

       Methinks that the "ladies first" policy should be kept in all circumstances regardless to tribal rites, especially when entering a mine field.... LOL !!

    • Hello, Rysperski. Thank you for your comment. I think that "Ladies first" is not common except European and American countries.

      • Tam, indeed, the "ladies first" issue is just a western trend but with the massive invasion of foreign elements, this trend most certainly will just naturally pass away and nobody will bother themselves to mention it. 

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