• Caterpillar 😱

    One day, I've ever chopped onion, then I found caterpillar in it. I spontaneously threw that onion and knife. 😑 End.

    Thanks for your discussion.

  • Flights.

    • Really? I guess you must face this issue)

  •  I think I rather worry about something than fear. It connects with a wide variety of my duties: I am worrying when must take quite more times for doing something than it was planned.

    In my childhood, I feared darkness.

  • ı am afraid about misunderstanding. especially if this person is important for me

  • whoaaa... more than eight years since you posted this discussion!  I bet you overcame your fear although perhaps all we face this fear somehow regardless our age, hmmm... common fear I guess. 

  • Shoorun ya Siti sewar aala musharaka! Crossing roads and the sea. Thanks for sharing.

    •       First of all my friend, thanks a lot for sharing your fears with us. To be honest with you, crossing roads and swiming are my fears as well. So I cannot give you any advice 😂😂😂 all what I have for you are only wishes. Therefore, I wish you enough power to come over your fears. God bless you my friend.

  •            Thanks a lot for sharing this story with us. My dear, according to your nice questions, I can say; I am an ordinary woman who has her own fears. But I have never dwelt so much on my fears because, I believe in; we attract what we fear. So, I always focus on what I want and enjoy  what I have, in another words, I master my fears not the opposite. Plus, I always strengthen my relation with God, on my way, so, I feel all the time I am surrounded by his custody which gives me more willpower to chain my fears and gives me a huge courage to face them. Yes my dear, when we develop the courage to meet our fears, the fears disappear. 

               Panic, this awful word, has no room in my life. God bless you my dear.

  • Oh dear! I have lots of fears but about the worst of them... Ummm, my answer is exactly like Stephen's. I'm afraid of being without my beloved ones someday and being lazy to achieve my goals. As a clear fact, time flies and I must do my best and treasure time to make my wills real but unfortunately I'm a bit lazy... :-(

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