"Bunga Raya" or hibiscus is the National flower of Malaysia. It was chosen by Malaysia's First Prime Minister's wife 50 years ago. The hibiscus was chosen from a selection of seven flowers; Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Lotus, Spanish Cherry, Rose and Hibiscus. It was chosen for its unique five-petals and red in colour. The red colour symbolises bravery, political solidarity and economic strength whereas the five petals symbolises the principal of Malaysia's Pillars of State.

What is your National (or your City) symbol? What is the story behind it?

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    • Jeo0o0o0o0o . Thanks for sharing. LOVE it. Your LOTUS flower is similar to India's Lotus Flower. WOW. Talking about coincidence. Indeed Egypt is full of history and monuments. I hope I can visit some of the magnificent monuments and maybe write a blog about it. :-D

  • Hello...
    I'm a kid

    I just wanna introduce my city's symbol..actually i'm from Indonesia but i wanna tell about my city's symbol

    Here we Go..

    2386612627?profile=originalWhat do you see about the picture??
    is that a fight? or is that a forbidden love between shark and croc ? LOL

    if ur answer is a forbidden love, u should go back to Lunatic Asylum :D

    okay, that's a fight not a SMACK DOWN nor even THAI BOXING, there's a reason why they were fighting.

    They're fighting to get their territory, and the territory is my city, named SURABAYA.

    SURABAYA actually contains 2 names SURA and BAYA, SURA means SHARK, BAYA means Crocodile.

    They fight 'till dead, no win, no victory, they showed their brave, and tough heart to fight for their territory till dead.

    Is that better Epic story than Twilight? :'(

    thank for reading my story about my city, i continue crying :'(

    • is not their fight maybe = public war - coz ur name of ur city divided for two syllable so two teams fight for the city .. not together ! ... 

    • UH UH WOW!!! The most "fun" comment ever that I have read. Thanks Narizawa for such enlightening and funny story behind your City symbol. I LOVE it.

      • thanks aunt noas..

        i will reveal about your city's symbol...i heard it's just a FLEA , it'snt it?


        • OHMY... that's a lie... It's all LIES. ... FLEA????

          • hahaha... kiddin'

            would u like to tell me about KADAL AIR RAKSASA ??

            • Phewwwww   :-P. And what is that? Tell me the story.

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    • Kenshin. Thank you so much for this information. Really interesting and I really appreciate it.

  • The mighty and proud symbol of California is depicted in the form of a Grizzly Bear.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dFcbbqnI3I  Unfortunately, we haven't seen one of those creatures in most of the lower 48 states for many years. I think they all ran north to Alaska. The true symbol of this once mighty state should be this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z73LpJTjpXo  It symbolizes the common law lawyers, state legislators and political activists or pirates that chased the poor creatures up north. Yes my friends, that Jolly Roger flag flies proudly here. :))))

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