• 1- I use usually Cambrige dictionary.

    2-I used to serach about meanings in Oxford dictionary.But Nowadays..Naah.

  • "I hope it is the same to you." OMG!! You are right Anastasia. I got a weakness for this very one.

    As for hardcover, I have Oxford learner's dictionary. But I go frequently for English to Bangla one.


  • 1. Another useful dictinary on line is Merriam- Webster  and Thesaurus. Take a look at it it's useful to me . I hope it is the same to you.

    2.We never forget using hardcover dictionaries . It is an old habit since we started learning  a foreign language. I use Longman and Oxford learner's dictionary.

  • I use LONGMAN. Hardcover,  PC Software, and mobile application.

    • It's nice to hear that you still use hardcover. Thanks for commenting. 

  • My go-to dictionary is it has definition, translation to my language (Spanish), collocations, special uses and best of all, a discussion forum were you can ask specific uses or any kind of doubt that the dictionary couldn't solve. It has been available for quite a while, so chances are someone else already asked that question for you.

    I almost don't use physical disctionaries nowadays. Although I have a couple big ones and a big thesaurus. I don' remember the publisher, though. 

    • Thanks for your comment Ishtar.

      This dictionary got some quite interesting features. It is very rich in Spanish meanings I guess, and supports at least 17 languages. 

  • 1. There are many... There are two that I use more than others. Here they are:

    2. I hardly have a couple of hardcover books here...

    So...the answer is NEVER )))

    Cambridge English Dictionary: Meanings & Definitions
    The most popular dictionary and thesaurus. Meanings & definitions of words in English with examples, synonyms, pronunciations and translations.
    • Thanks for your comment O.M. The second, Longman, If there were Bangla, then, it would be nicer for me. But still, it is good as an English to English.

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