• Saudi Arabia
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    • What is your favorite restaurant to visit?

  • Ordak Abi resturant in the Tehran....

    • What kinds of dishes do they have at that restaurant?  What is your favorite thing there?

  • I'm living in abroad since last 7 years. So I often eat outside at restaurants. Unfortunately there are not too much restaurants with good taste. But my favorite is sea food restaurant. 

    • I also like Seafood restaurants.  Where are you living abroad?

  • PF chang is my favorite. I love the food,ambiance & hospitality over there.
    • PF Changs is an excellent restaurant.  There is also one in my city.  In which city did you eat there?

  • Honestly, none. I'm a picky eater and unfortunately I can only eat certain foods. That is why I prefer to stay at home most of time rather than going outside with someone and it's because when it is time to eat something I don't want to sit at the table and just keep staring at people till they finish.

    Sorry William I couldn't help with this discussion!

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