What is your dreamy self?

Have you ever thought about the work of a spy? What about undercover spies? Who are they really?
Spy-person with incredible qualities. They can break into a property, drive fast without getting into an accident, follow someone without getting caught, win the trust of stranger, use karate or other martial arts and pretend they are someone else.
I learned about this from an article that described a crash course for future spies. One of the tasks was to adopt new identities and take temporary jobs in a gym, a clothes shop and a barbers.
After reading this, I thought who I would like pretend to be in their place.The answer was obvious to me. I would become a barista. I believe that this is a person who in a relaxed atmosphere can learn anything about a person. Often, people under the influence of alcohol start the conversation with the barista and talk about everything that comes to their mind. And the barista will never be suspected of snooping. Perfect.
Who would you like to be?

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    Hi Anna

    I never like to be a spy. They are traitors especially undercover spies. but the spies that I most hate are internet spies. They have equipments to control other computers compeletely.

    •  Hi, saba. Thanks for reply! Your thoughts are very interesting and at the same time unexpected. Maybe, one day you will have a opportunity to work as secret shopper and change your opinion)

  • That's an interesting topic, Anna! I totally agree spies have exciting lives full of adventures but only in films. In real life they have to do lots of objectionable things. Talking about pretending to be someone else (if it was a film hahah), I would like to become a popular book author. I think it's so awesome to sit in front of your fans in some beautiful library or book store and read an episode from your book during its presentation))) What's your opinion about that?
    I also can propose a real way for you to feel like a spy, you can try yourself as a secret shopper. Have you heard about them? Companies and auditors hire secret shoppers to check their stores or services for compliance with current standards and requirements. And you will be paid for each check. I hope this information will be helpful. Take care!

    • Hi, Anastasia! 

      Oh, your idea of ​​being a writer is very interesting to me.

      As far as I know, children cannot be secret shoppers,  but later I will definitely try! Thanks you for your reply!

  • Suasdee Anna, wearing a mask is not the kind of deed I like. During wars and for your country or for a noble cause, you can wear that mask to serve that purpose. Thanks, Anna for a distinguished discussion. 

    • Hi, dara gino. Thanks for your reply. I am not convinced that you correctly understood the essence of my question. Pretending you are someone else doesn't mean wearing a mask. Actually, I think that this is unique opportunity. Opportunity to feel yourself in the role that you would like to achieve, your future profession or your idol. It's fantastic!)

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