What is your bad habbit?

Could you plz share one of your bad habbits?Just don't hesitate, let's take it as a fun.As for me, my worst one I fight against is that I inrerrupt people who talk. So many ideas usually cross my mind that I can't control them and don't want to forget them. Actually, m just victim of my bad memory :DThanx for sharing yours ;)

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  • Getting up early in the morning was my challenge at the beginning of the year. Now the year is almost done, i am still getting up late.It is not that easy for me to get rid of my bed in the morning, but i believe i can make it next time ;)

  • I can't sleep if i don't read or watch something until falling asleep. It's reason because i alway sleep too late and can't wake up in the next morning.

  • dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I drink Pepsi light and I ENJOY it! ;-P




  • Procrastinating work I know I can do very easily in a short amount of time; it's annoying because I end up doing nothing practical in the meantime and spend all of my energy thinking about what I'm supposed to be doing. short life

    Short Life
    Short Life with the ragdoll hero is ready for more danger! Survive spikes, traps and moving platforms with all your body parts in the challenging wor…
  • I would say PROCRASTINATION.. The mother of all bad habits _/\_
  • My worth habit is ,I think too much & then put myself in a bad mood :(

  • Im outspoken :(
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  • ı am not afraid of loneliness ı think this is bad.

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