• Movies: city of angels, thor, the 300, transformers, ender's game, hunger games, fast and the furious, riddick, leaving las vegas, gone in 60 seconds, etc....etc...
    TV series: the walking dead
    songs: i like most of a music lover..and i play song depends on my mood but most of the time i listen to sentimental and romantic old songs...u can see that on all the videos i uploaded here...heheh! i like air supply too, most of their songs are great and too sentimental :)
  • Favorite movies: Kick ass 1 and 2, Django Unchained, Prestige, Inception, The Host, Lovely Bones,Tangled, Frozen,The BUtterfly Effect

    TV Series: I dont have because,where not subscribed yet for Cable Television . I only see local network, and Im not really in to TV.

    Songs, To many I will only mention what is in my mind right now: Cant stop, GIve It away (Red hot chili Peppers), Stop crying Your heart out,Till they take my heart away.. and mostly most 90' alternative.

  • The movie that made me cry is my favorite.  It's "HATCHIKO".  It's a story about a loyal dog who waited for his master to come back for 9 years (I think).  His loyalty caught my fancy because I couldn't help but think how wonderful it would be if you found the same trait in your friends.

    The songs that I like are songs that draw so much affection like the "Dance with my Father" by Celine Dion.  I really like this song.

    The tv series I like the most was a Korean Drama entitled "A Jewel in the Palace".  There was an English subtitle below the screen that it was easy to follow the conversation.  The story depicted the strong character of a young lady who went through different trials in life and emerged as a victor.

    But I am not putting a period to all of them.  Who knows, better movies, songs or tv series may come in the future.

    • thanks AI for commenting know after reading your comment...i read full article on wikipedia about 'Hatchiko' dog and wondering how faithful & loyal an animal can be.....even though they don't know our language..!!!

      form this i realized that Language is not a barrier in understanding emotions.

  • Movies:- The Dark Knight, Prestige,Inception

    TV series:- The Big Bang Theory,Sherlock,Mind your Language

    Songs:- Moves like Jagger, One more night,She will be loved, Payphone (all by Maroon -5)

              sorry,blame it on me,Ghetto..(akon)

              Not afraid,beautiful,mockingbird,rap god (Eminem)

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