• Actually, I prefer to write 3 parts of Quran...

    1. Hardship is followed by ease
    2. Allah's promise is the truth
    3. Indeed, the real enemy of Muslims is Jew ( Maede- 82 )

    First one gives me hope, second one makes me awake and the third one blows my rage.
    I may have mistake in qouting them coz I do not like memorising qoutes.
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  • Hi asma  saha aidek, what about quote ? well this is mine but about success 

    coming just a begining..

    keeping together still a progress..
    working together already a success..
    plz asma remember , copyright : -)
    once again saha aidkoum
    • Hi Habibeabed,

      Happy eid to you ,thanks.The quote is awesome I'm glad to see your comment here,Thanks so much for dropping :)

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    • Hi dollynanita,

      Wow! Shakespear my favorite writer,one of his most quote.

      Thank you so much for posting nice quotes and for the explanation :)

  • I try to live by this quote:

    "Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered." ~Dr. Seuss 

    You can see all of my favourite quotes on my website: The Write Quote 

    • Hi teacher Tara,

      It's my pleasure to see your comment,I liked your quote. Many thanks for the link they are great:)

      Thanks a lot for passing by,I appreciate your presence :)

  • One of my favourite quote is never quit

    • Hi cool boy,

      Thanks so much for participating :)

  • Hello putra,

    Thanks for the wonderful quote,love really is beyond definition because it is so much more than we can put into words.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by :)


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