What is the question that upsets you most?


Some questions can be swallowed or ignored or even you can refrain from answering them.

Embarrassing, humiliating, difficult questions vary according to the person we are addressing or asking. To some people, it does not work that way and they can easily get rid of them. For instance, if you ask someone about his/her monthly salary, he or she might not feel anything about it. The answer can come casually or without any interest. Some questions are hard to cope with or deal with. Let's say that someone asks about your wife's favorite perfume. The answer to that might become a big fuss, and develops into a fight.  So, what is that question that puts you in a hole, or you become perplexed?        

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  • Sometimes no answer is also an answer :)

    • My goodness, did you see that answer from our boss? Thanks, Mr. Josef for those quick and chosen words.

  • For young people, at marriage age, they hate some questions like "Got boyfriend/girlfriend?" "When will you invite me to your wedding ceremony?" Those questions, following their growth, usually goes after "how's your school ?" " How's your job?" then "how is your condition of making friends" and later "when will you get married?" then, "have a baby?" then " be a father/ mother," those are regularly, obsolete and pushing them steps by steps. Especially annoying and challenging for those marriable ladies but still single. Knowing that, next time we shouldn't ask them this kind of question.

    • Bu ke qi he xia xia Tony! I shall answer you later. The time for my duty now. Nevertheless, Thanks.

      • Tony, hen gaoxin ren shi ni! Xie xie! I really appreciate your nice comment on this discussion. What you said was true. The matter needs some tactics. You are a good friend, Tony. 

  • Interesting question . If i am asked something  awkward  I have learnt to be calm and say positively an appropriate answer

    • Neer nalavar mod. Nadira! I know that you are a respected lady. Of course, we have not met, but I know you from your writings and your high qualities. Certainly, you would give that person the appropriate answer. Thanks, mod Nadira for your comment. 

  • Oi there, folks

         In my humble opinion, the issue of perciving a question as awkward in most instances depend on the person it is being addressed to.

       It is also partly afiliated with culture, education and upbringing environment. What I have in mind is, if a person has a substantial knowledge of the world around, has travelled around a bit and met different people, was brough up in a family with no targeted prejudice or abundance of superstitions, then such a person will not be caught wrong footed and feel embarrassed or perplexed by almost no questions.

      On the other hand, a primitive, ill educated person who has not been out of the boundries of cultural ties, was brought up in a family overfowing with targeted prejudices and odd superstitions, will feel perplexed and even offended by most questions.


      Yak she majch, Rysperski! Meaning to say, culture, education, traveling out of your place and meeting other nations can play a big role in such matters. In our country, we do not ask about how much salary you are given each month. We consider that obscene and interference in the personal affairs of the others. According to the comment of Mr. Mishaikh, that is pure interference. 

      Uneducated people always make such kinds of questions. On the other hand, society plays a major role in this matter.  For example, in our country, it would be very nice if someone asks you to ride with him to take you to your school. In the case of a female, this is totally not a good idea. The lady or the girl would think that your intentions are not straight. Thanks, Rys. for your nice and logical comment on that discussion. 

    • Ryyyssss! 

      I liked it, great explanation. I would like to add besides all this I don't like to be questioned about my personal life on virtual platform :*/


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