You are able to change your LIFE, only if You want


When You want to change your LIFE, You will definitely


Let us know, what change you want in Your Life.

You can bring better change in Your Life.!!


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  • My anger. I regret after I get normal and realize what destruction I have made in anger and have hurt the feelings of my family members.

    I need to overcome my anger. 

    • #SNR

      Same problem is with me,

      But I think we can overcome this by think positive and avoid these thoughts which make us anger.. :)

      thanks dear,

  • my nationality :D 

    • #AG: 

      Aha, You can have nationality of other country, but you can't change your frst nationality, from where you belong.. ^_^


  • Hello friend, I'd like to overcome my destiny, which has been confined by my genes, upbringing and life events. ^^

    • It can't be overcome without your effort..^_^

  • Hello friend, i like to change my destiny, which was written by creator :)

    • @Aldy : You can make your destiny better with your effort Or may be it will change also with your effort . ^_^

      believe in your luck..

      Aldy witana
      myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
  • Hello Friend ;  I'd like to change MY DESTINY, which was written by creator !...

    • @Adriano

      You can make your destiny better with your effort. ^_^

      and Believe whatever is your destiny, It will be better for you.


      Adriano Martelli
      myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
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