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  • Yes, Dear MARY I should say 'yes', Is init

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  • 'sorry' and 'no'... And what about 'yes'? :D

    Adaline Bala said:

    Dear Camelia, I think 'sorry' and 'no'.

    What Is The Most Often Used Word In The World?
    Hi! In your opinion, what is the most often used word in the world? and why? Ps: Of course, I mean an English word!
  • Dear Camelia, I think 'sorry' and 'no'.

  • The word "hello" is the most commonly used in the world. "Hi" is informal word of "hello". How many people we meet informally in a day?. Besides, whenever pick or receive calls, we first say "hello" to both formal and informal people.
  • It could be what's up we often use it daily in phone calls and meeting frieds
  • I've no clue which word is the most commonly used, but it should be "Thank you".

    Thank you!

  • I'm sure it's the definite article. First I logically calculated that, then Sahar confirmed it. And the most often used letter in English is 'e'.

  • I love you

  • hello all!

    at first i was on the same wavelength with Hekmatullah and realized 'hi' to be the most common word but after visiting Sara's link i changed my mind.yes!'hi' is the most common word in initial steps of a conversation but not the most common of all words!

    statistics know better!!!

    nice question, Camelia!

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